Driven to be successful from an early age, Alexandra Sacani has taken her dreams to the next level by introducing Sydkik LLC, a customized personal assistant business that offers individuals the gift of freedom and time. Her passion for building new relationships and helping others serves her well in managing the lives of multiple clients and anticipating their every need.

Having a strong corporate background in administration, sales/marketing, and business development, she is able to see the global picture and execute all tasks that come her way. Her professional experiences have molded her to be the ideal assistant to any individual and improve their productivity, performance and quality of life.

The services of Alexandra Sacani and Sydkik during the busiest week of my corporate year were invaluable…  Alexandra is an effective multi-tasker who is poised, polished and professional in a wide variety of situations.

Current clients include Hotel & Casino Executives, Professional Gamblers, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Real Estate Executives, Stay at home Mom’s and Retired executive professionals.

Alexandra Sacani’s organizational skills, ability to multitask and strong intuition allows her to think for you. Consider it DONE when working with your Sydkik!


Pursuing her passion for organization and event management, Melanie Godwin has been a part of the Sydkik team since 2014 aiding in administrative services, event and project management and much more. With a degree in public relations and her experience in administration and event services, she has worked together with Alexandra to ensure every client is worry-free and happy with their events and services. Godwin has a high sense of organizational skills and is able to multitask and manage her time while putting the client’s priorities first; making her an ideal Sydkik to any project!

Melanie presents herself in a professional manner as a matter of daily practice, not just “presentation day”. She’s dedicated, thorough and efficient. She’s quick to capture opportunities, maximizing time and resources and demonstrating quick thinking. She’ll be a great asset to any team.