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Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas
Of all 365 of the days we accumulate every year, February 14th is the single most romantic.  That’s a lot of pressure for just one day, and even more pressure on anyone trying to find the perfect gift for their special someone.  Your Sydkik’s just so happen to thrive in the midst of all that lovey-dovey adversity, coming up with the perfect gift solutions for anyone on your Valentine’s list.  We put together a short list of our top picks of gifts for him and her to make that special Valentine of yours feel even more so.For Him:

  1. Smart Watch: Smart watches are the new smart phone.  Not only can you finally pretend to be a secret agent on the most important mission of your career, but you can also send texts, emails, check social media, and play music synced with your phone!
  2. Mixology Book: Most men fancy themselves a bartender or connoisseur of spirits.  This gift will give him background anecdotes on his favorite beverages and teach him to make new ones.
  3. Wine Making Kit: For the man who likes to do it himself, now he can make his own wine too!
  4. Luggage Tracker: If he travels all the time and checks his luggage, this baby tracks the bag and texts or emails with the bags’ location!  Oh, you gotta love technology.

For Her:

  1. Spa Day: Schedule a spa day either for couples or just let her get away for some solitary pampering.  No woman in the history of ever has complained about an hour or two of alone time with just her thoughts and an accomplished masseuse and nail technician.
  2. Birthstone: Getting her jewelry with her birthstone is personal and shows you thought about her specifically when you bought it instead of buying the typical V-Day heart-shaped pendant blaring from the window display.
  3. Personal Perfume: There are tons of companies and labs that specialize in crating custom scents.  Go together and help each other create the perfect perfume, cologne, or home fragrance.
  4. The Classic: Dinner, movie, flowers, and chocolate; doesn’t matter what order in which you shower her, she will absolutely adore a classic, romantic date.
For Your Next Convention
Las Vegas is a city that plays notoriously hard by night, but works just as hard by day.  This city holds an average of 21,600 conventions every year.  For your next convention, allow Sydkik to show you the Vegas ropes and provide assistance in smooth navigation and organization from beginning to end.  Sydkik provides:- Booth and conference room set up
– Hotel and flight reservation services
– Coordination of shipping arrangements
– Car rental and car service accommodations
– Confirm dinner and lunch reservations
– Organizing catering arrangements
– Create meeting agendas, displays, and presentations
– Coordinate client networking events and activities
– Plan and execute sponsored eventsSome conventions we work with are Magic, JCK, Virtuoso Week and IGT.

If you highly doubt your tape placement and gift-wrapping abilities, and don’t trust yourself to pick out the perfect token of your affection, Sydkik has you covered, as usual, with our gift basket services.  Our gift baskets are custom-made to order, making them the perfect solution for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions.  We don’t always like to toot our own horns, so we let others do it for us; take a look at some of the testimonies below!“This gift was the manliest gift I’ve ever received!”

“The whiskey and cigars rocked. If only I could get this amazing present under the tree every year!”

“Best gift basket we received all year!”

“The presentation was spectacular! I didn’t want to open it!”

Cupid, the accomplice of affection and the wing-man of desire, is the obvious choice for February’s Sydkik.  The son of Mercury, the messenger of the gods, and Venus, the goddess of love; Cupid inherited his winged physique from his father and his affinity for affection from his mother.  The ancient Roman god of love usually played a supporting role in mythology, and served mostly to set the plot in motion.  He carried a bow and a quiver of arrows, some with a sharp golden point that filled the wounded with uncontrollable desire, and some with a blunt leaden tip that induced emotions of aversion and the desire to flee.  Cupid was sometimes portrayed as careless or mischievous with how he let those arrows fly, but generally he was always diligently working behind the scenes, inspiring love and pollinating relationships.  Now, who couldn’t use a Sydkik like that from time to time?

Sydkik introduces SydMail. That’s right, SydMail handles all mail coming to your home. We pickup your mail once per week, scan it and email to you! This service is perfect for those frequent travelers or “part-time” locals.
Over time we will offer many more features depending on your feedback!
This service starts at $75/month. Contact us today if you’re interested!
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