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Syd-tip of the Month
Wrapping the Perfect Present
It’s what’s on the inside that counts, a proverb taught to us at a young age, but one that doesn’t really translate well when it comes to presentation and gift wrapping. Regardless of the particular holiday you’re celebrating, gifts are almost always going to be involved, and creating a perfectly wrapped gift is an art that only further enhances the gift giving experience. Sydkik offers gift wrapping services, but if you’re one of those do-it-yourself types; the three key things you need to wrap the perfect gift are the right wrapping paper, double sided tape, and a pair of sharp scissors.Brown butcher paper or solid colored wrapping paper make for the best presentation.  Start out with a large sheet and measure it out so that the surface area is accurate, then cut. Make neat creases and keep the paper as close and snug around the box as you can, there shouldn’t be too much excess paper, but if there is, cut it so that there is only about a quarter of an inch of leeway. Clean edges and proper use of the double sided tape, making sure the tape is never actually seen, is the key to a flawless presentation. Homemade tags, small pine cones, and festive ribbons serve as the perfect finishing touch! Happy wrapping!

Sydkik is here to help all year round, but wants to remind you that we’re especially here for you during the holidays. We provide holiday help that includes but is not limited to:Gift wrapping
Personal shopping & gift purchasing
Holiday party planning & execution
Holiday party set-up
Meal catering arrangements
House and space organization
Travel arrangements & reservations
Creative theme & idea assistance

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What’s Happening…
Glittering Lights at LV Motor Speedway – Nov 15 – Jan 5, 2014
Magical Forest Opportunity Village – Nov 22 – Jan 6, 2013
National Finals Rodeo – Dec 5-14
Beyonce World Tour – Dec 6
The LV Great Santa Run – Dec 7
American Country Awards – Dec 10
Britney: Piece of Me – Dec 27-31
New Years Eve Downtown – Dec 31Click here for a full month of events.
Mrs. Claus
Sometimes a Sydkik is more than just an assistant; Sydkik’s are often fully invested partners that share the same vision and do everything in their power to make that vision come to fruition. One of the loveliest examples of this particular type of Sydkik can be found in a spousal relationship and who better to profile during the holiday season, than Old St. Nick’s better half, Mrs. Claus. The infamous wife of the gift-bearing father of Christmas, Mrs. Claus is known by her grandmotherly appearance, and kind, gentle nature.While her first name remains a mystery, her role in overseeing the elves, baking cookies and other refreshments for everyone at the North Pole, to rolling up her white fur trimmed sleeves and personally assisting with gift construction, is a well-known and pivotal one that has ensured the seamless success of the Christmas holiday for centuries.  Where would Santa be without Mrs. Claus?  Let us all hope that we never have to find out!

Wishing you and your families a joyful holiday season!
A time to reflect, unite and share the gift of love with all.
~ Sydkik
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